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Argue the Law

The most important step in arguing based on the law is to know the law (this is why we started by having you look up the section of the Vehicle Code which you allegedly violated).

If the officer charged you with the section which he/she intended to, and it looks as if he/she can convince the judge that you did violate that section of the Vehicle Code, you may still be able to beat the ticket. However, to do so will mean that you will need to know the law.

Don't panic. You do not need to know the entire Vehicle Code and all of the case law that goes with it. This site will help you find the relevant sections of the Code, and show you how they may pertain to your ticket. Having covered that, let's look at how you can argue the law.

Arguing the law will involve either paperwork or procedure. A mistake in either can be fatal to the prosecution's case against you.

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