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After Winning With A
Speed Trap Defense

If you win a speed trap case you should thank the court for dismissing the case.

You may then request that the court find the officer in contempt under:

  • Code of Civil Procedure 1209(a)(3) for violating section 40801 of the Vehicle Code; and
  • Code of Civil Procedure 1209(a)(4) for appearing as an incompetent witness per Vehicle Code section 40804 ; and
  • Code of Civil Procedure 1209(a)(9) for endangering the jurisdiction of the court per Vehicle Code section 40805.

I would do this because I view it as my civic duty to see that those people sworn to uphold the law also obey the law. You might do it because you feel the officer deserves it, or just because...

In any case, if you win a speed trap case it is an option you have.

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