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Pay It Forward

I have presented this site on a pro bono basis since March 1, 2001. I did not even have ads on the site for the first few years. While I will accept donations in support of the site, you do not need to send anything to use the site.

If you would like to "pay it forward" please consider:

  • Supporting the Legal Fund
    I have established a fund to raise money to fight the tickets for revenue scam. Money raised will go to support legal research, court costs and legal fees. For more information, click here. Thank you.
  • The Hunger Site
    This is an absolutely brilliant use of the Internet. In exchange for you viewing a few ads, the sponsors donate food to the hungry. For a few seconds of your time you can feed someone. I would encourage you to visit the site once a day and to add a link to The Hunger Site to any web site, blog, MySpace or FaceBook page, etc.

Thank You For
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