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Iggy Award

Commissioner James Paul Madden

Defendant was cited for violation of Vehicle Code section 22350, unsafe speed.

At trial the officer's own testimony proved that at the time, place and under the conditions then existing, the appellant's vehicle posed no danger to anyone or anything.

Appellant requested the case be dismissed as the officer had failed to prove his case. The Commissioner acknowledged that appellant had made her point, but he repeatedly insisted that the posted speed limit established the safest maximum speed.

The Commissioner took the matter under "submission" and 12 days later rendered a guilty verdict stating "VC section 22350 and VC section 22351 don't apply, because the speed limit was set in accordance with VC section 40802". (Never mind that the defendant was charged with VC section 22350.)

Any doubt how this one turned out or why? The only debate here was whether to award an Iggy or create a new award, "The Stupy."


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