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Commissioner James Paul Madden - Footnote

On October 12, 2002 Roz Madden sent the following email in response to the Commissioner's first Iggy:

Hi George--

My husband is going to frame a print out of your web award, the "Iggy" one for Commissioner James Paul Madden. He's totally amused. But you deserve your own "Stupy" award, for ignorance.

Was his decision appealed? Overturned on appeal? What was the case number? Was an electronic record kept? Were you there? Did you hear the testimony? Do you just post awards on hearsay testimony? Are your awards based on your hearsay and stupidity? He's still laughing. You need to do your homework, like read the code sections cited (set by the legislature), go to law school (hey! night school isn't that tough!), or get a life.

Remove the award stuff from your web site, if you have no facts to back them up. Your "awards" are insulting and inaccurate.

Reply requested.
Roz Madden

Since she requested a reply, I sent the following:


I have documentation for each case in which I award an Iggy. I do not publish details which reveal the identity of the defendants in these cases, as I have a First Amendment right to protect my sources. I have, however attached a partial transcript of the trial for which Commissioner James P. Madden was awarded an Iggy.

As far as my reading the code sections, I have. The last time I took a written test I found an incorrect answer on the key at the DMV. I told the supervisor the key was wrong and quoted the section of the Vehicle Code that proved it. He looked it up and agreed with me.

I have had judges tell me that I know more about the Vehicle Code than most cops who appear before them on traffic matters. I have had Appellate Court judges tell me that I knew more about the law than the lower court judges who found me or others guilty (three cases, pro per, plus many others in which I assisted on the appeals).

The law is more than just the codes. If you had bothered to look, you would have found an entire section of HelpIGotATicket.com dedicated to case law.

My site has received excellent reviews from two attorneys who specialize in traffic tickets, a traffic court Pro Tem, and a Senior Assistant DA. I have to admit that one of the attorneys might be somewhat prejudiced; I taught him most of what he knows about fighting traffic tickets.

If you had bothered to read the introductory page to the Iggy's, it clearly states, "To qualify for an Iggy a judge has to make a truly egregious ruling and be overturned on appeal."

My awards are not the insult. The true insult is the "justice system" foisted on the people of California when it comes to the traffic tickets for revenue scam.

I find your email much less accurate than any award I have given. So, which of us deserves the "Stupy"? Maybe me for wasting my time replying to such a baseless attack.

-- Geo. McCalip

For the record (with the Defendant/Appellant's permission):

  • Traffic Court Case Number: H02499986
  • Appellate Case Number: ACR4509
  • Order to reverse verdict was signed by Santa Clara County Superior Court Judges Herlihy, Barrett, and Lee on 8/12/02.
  • He was also copied on all briefs that were submitted to the Superior Court.
  • It appears he was just as attentive at reading the briefs and the Appellate Court order as he was at hearing the case.
  • Commissioner Madden has since earned a second Iggy and a third Iggy.
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