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Judge Pro Tem Diane Stavenhagen Kadletz

Defendant was cited for violation of Vehicle Code section 22349(a) (i.e., exceeding the 65 mph maximum) on a State Highway 91 (the Riverside Freeway).

Defendant filed a discovery request with the DA's office. Mistakenly believing the ticket to be a radar ticket, he requested radar calibration and certification documentation; he also requested, "A copy of all of Officer Morrison's notes on this case including copies of the front and back of the officer's copy of the ticket."

At trial the defendant requested a court order that the District Attorney comply with the discovery request.

Judge Pro Tem Kadletz ruled that the request for radar calibration and certification were not germane and denied the request.

Officer Morrison then testified while referring to both the front and back of his copy of the ticket.

Defendant once again raised the point that he had not been able to adequately prepare a defense due to the District Attorney's failure to comply with the Discovery Request.

Judge Pro Tem Kadletz' guilty verdict was reversed on appeal.

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