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Who Is Geo. McCalip and
Why Is He Doing This?

Geo. is doing this web site because his experience has shown him that most tickets are defensible, but most people do not know how to fight a ticket.

While not an attorney, Geo. McCalip will put his record on traffic tickets up against any lawyer in California. Over the last three decades he has won, or helped friends beat, scores of tickets. He has a better than 80% win rate in court, with three successful pro per appeals on traffic cases. He has had attorneys ask him for advice on tickets (even one who advertised himself as a ticket specialist). Many of his friends have asked that he write a book on the subject. He hopes this web site makes them happy.

While Geo. encourages everyone to drive safely, he knows that this will not guarantee that you will not get a ticket. He believes that a majority of tickets are defensible because most of them are written for revenue rather than safety reasons. Officers write a number of questionable tickets knowing that most people will simply pay them to avoid the hassle of going to court.

Using tickets as a source of revenue puts the government (especially the judicial branch) in a questionable position ethically. Any system in which a judge's decision impacts the court's revenue is inherently corrupt. We can help extract our government from this morass by taking the profit motive out of writing traffic tickets. If enough of us fought our tickets, and the government no longer made money every time an officer put pen to paper, then the number of tickets would drop radically.

In an ideal world, officers would write tickets for safety reasons, not revenue generation. If we each do our civic duty and fight our tickets, we can help make this a reality. Even people who "know" they violated the law have the right to a trial, and with a trial by declaration, the hassle excuse does not fly.

This site is Geo.'s way of helping people get justice (not to mention keeping the cops off the streets and out of trouble). Geo. presents this site pro bono, and dedicates it to those of you who have received questionable tickets (and the rest of you who have wanted to do your part in putting an end to the corrupt traffic ticket system we currently have) but have not known how to defend yourself.

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