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Having fought traffic tickets for four decades, I have developed an understanding of the way the system really works to use the law to take advantage of the average person. I have also developed an understanding of how the average person can use the law to defend him/herself. This site is an attempt to share that knowledge.

During the last few years the tickets for revenue scam has grown progressively worse. Fortunately, during those same few years, I have gained some real insight into how we, the people, can get this problem under control using the law.

The good news is that, according to the attorneys I have consulted with, we have some excellent arguments to make in court -- arguments that can change the process radically in favor of the average person. (Learn more.)

The bad news, as you may have guessed, is that this will cost money. Legal research, court costs and attorney's fees can add up quickly.

To help cover the costs I have established a legal fund and a non-profit corporation, California Legal Rights Fund. But even that costs money; the IRS charges $300 just to certify a non-profit organization.

We did not start this fight, but we have begun to fight back. Any contributions at this point will be greatly appreciated and will help us move forward in this battle. Please consider doing your part by making a contribution to California Legal Rights Fund today.

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