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Email Geo. McCalip

In states other than California Geo. does not have the requisite expertise in traffic law to answer your questions. If your have a ticket from anywhere other than California, please save yourself and Geo. the time and trouble of asking the question.

If you wish to contact Geo. regarding a ticket written in California, please read the tutorial first. If you have a question about the information in the tutorial as it relates to your ticket, please be sure to include the necessary information in your email; otherwise Geo.'s response will ask you for the information. Please save yourself and Geo. the time and trouble of this needless round of Q&A. The best way to do this is to copy and paste the following checklist to a text file, type in the information, and either copy and paste the results into an email, or save them and attach the document to an email.

Do not send emails more than 2Mb. They will be filtered and I will not respond because I will not receive them. Just send the necessary information. If I need anything else I will let you know.

Necessary information includes:

  • Your name
  • Your phone number (this is here for a reason)
  • Date the ticket was written
  • Agency which wrote the ticket (e.g., CHP, LAPD, Mono County Sheriff)
  • Section(s) of the Vehicle Code you are charged with violating
  • Location of the alleged violation
  • City or county in which the alleged violation occurred
  • Date you promised to appear (original and extended if you have an extension)
  • Trial date if scheduled

For speeding tickets, please include:

  • The posted speed limit
  • The "PF/Max" limit the officer wrote on the ticket
  • The speed the officer alleges you were doing
  • Whether or not it is a radar ticket

For CVC 22350 radar tickets, please read RADAR SPEED TRAP DEFENSE STEP BY STEP and include either:

  • a statement as to why it cannot be a speed trap (e.g., width of the road)
  • Date of the survey
  • Critical speed (i.e., 85th percentile)
  • Expected accident rate
  • Actual accident rate
  • Where applicable, the conditions (if any) justifying a lowered speed limit.

Once again, any email without necessary information will result in a request for necessary information. Having said that, you may send email to Geo. at info@helpigotaticket.com.

NOTE: If you have an AOL or Compuserve email address (i.e., an @aol.com or @cs.com address) you may or may not get a response. While I try to respond to all reasonable requests for help, AOL's stupid ham-fisted spam filter may block my response. This is because, instead of actually going after the spammers, AOL penalizes their own users by blocking ALL email from ANY ISP that an AOL subscriber complains about. It would be much more effective (and possibly even profitable for AOL) if they would simply sue the spammers. Duh!

In the mean time, if you have an AOL or CompuServe dial-up account, I recommend Earthlink for about the same cost, or NetZero or Netscape for about half the price.

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