Why is the background this color?

Why Is The Background This Color?

8 May 2016:
The background is BLUE to draw your attention to the banner advertising the new Fend app for fighting tickets. It is very convenient and easy to use. The app is free to download and only costs a very reasonable amount if you choose to use the service.

27 March 2014:
The background is GREEN to remind you that traffic tickets in California are much more about the money than safety.

28 March 2013:
The background is RED because CISPA died in committee so we can lose the black! But AB666 is not dead, yet. Please contact your Assemblyperson and state Senator today and express your opposition to this bill designed to deny the people of California due process.

22 April 2013:
The background is BLACK in opposition to CISPA.

28 March 2013:
The background is RED to get your attention about two issues:

  1. URGENT: We need to call our California Assembly members and let them know in no uncertain terms that we oppose AB666. This bill would change red light camera tickets from infractions to civil cases and effectively deny the defendant due process. Call today!
  2. We are also using the background to take a stand for equality. Specifically, we are taking a stand for marriage equality. Marriage is a civil institution, not a religious ceremony. If a religion wants to restrict holy matrimony, that religion has every right to do so. But, no religion has a right to interfere with civil institutions.

  3. Besides, we were really getting tired of $#!+.

9 March 2010:
The background is $#!+ to get your attention and alert you to a scam.

14 August 2009:
The background is GREEN to help announce that I have established a fund to raise money to fight the tickets for revenue scam. Money raised will go to support legal research, court costs and legal fees. For more information, click here. Thank you.

19 July 2009:
The background is BLACK in memory of Walter Cronkite, a great American. Very few men can tell the truth as openly and live to 92 years old. Sail on, Uncle Walter.

20 June 2009:
The background is GREEN in support of the people of Iran.

13 June 2009:
I checked the stats on the site and saw that unique visits were down by approximately 10%. I don't know if people found the color upsetting or not, but I thought I would change the background back to what it was before I redesigned the site.

I had made the background RED to draw attention to the AIDS Ride and help get support for my friend Kim who was riding in honor of her brother, Rob. The AIDS Ride is over, but you can still contribute if you follow the links.

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