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Choosing the Right Attorney

Most lawyers specialize in one or two areas of law. Very few lawyers in California have chosen to speciailze in traffic law, because there has not been any real money in it until recently.

If you are going to use an attorney to either help you with your defense, or to actually represent you in court, it helps to have one who has a clue about traffic law.

I strongly recommend that you study the material on this site before contacting an attorney. This will prepare you to have an intelligent conversation regarding your defense (and if you are paying by the minute for that conversation, you want to be prepared).

If you are not convinced that the lawyer you are speaking with knows at least as much about traffic law as you do (or at a minimum, enough to substantially increase your odds of beating the ticket), feel free to ask for another attorney in the firm, or for a referral to someone more specialized.

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